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The Limitless Pill That Has No Research

Our first priority is to provide information about neuroscience and we don’t want to give you suggestions for products that are false in their advertising claims. One interesting drug called OptiMind has marketing on Facebook and other places that make it seem like it is a Limitless pill (alluding to the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper).

If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry about the reference. The point is, some people are thinking that the OptiMind smart drug is the latest and greatest nootropic, when that really couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, we are going to provide you with a series of reasons why you should look closer at the ingredients and then determine what it is that you want to stay safe.

Using OptiMind for Nootropic Purposes

There are many high class reviews of OptiMind online┬áthat discuss some of the benefits of the drug (which there are many) in addition to the drawbacks. One of the things that consistently comes up is the use of GABA, which is not really a powerful nootropic because it doesn’t really cross the blood-brain barrier. Many people take GABA because they think that it is going to help them to improve their cognitive performance, but it isn’t going to do much at all.

optimindThe biggest problem is that people think OptiMind is going to be the new Limitless drug, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As great as all of these drugs are, they are not the same high quality that you can get if you were to just make sure you sleep enough, eat healthy foods, and optimize other aspects of your life. Most of the time, if you can do these things, you are going to have a much better experience at the end of the day.