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Planning the perfect graduation party for your senior

Planning the perfect graduation party for your senior

Graduating high school is one of the biggest accomplishments in a person’s life. It is a symbol of a person transitioning from a child to an adult. It is also the ultimate trophy to show that you successfully completed twelve years of schools, plus kindergarten.

According to recent statistics there are about 3.7 million students that graduate high school each year. While every kid starts out in elementary school together by the time graduation comes only about 84.6 percent of kids actually graduate. This shows that graduation is something that should be celebrated by all. If you have a senior that is about to graduate here are some tips that you can use to throw them the best graduation party.

#1) Have A Lot Of Food

Your senior will likely want to invite all of their friends and family to their party. This means that you should expect to host a large number of people with large appetites. High school students can eat a lot of food and you should be prepared to have a large assortment of foods, snacks, drinks, and desserts. Ask your senior what types of food they want to have and try to get as much of it as you can. You should also have a few coolers full of sodas and water.

#2) Plan To Host All Day

One of the main things that you should be prepared for is that the party will likely go on all day. With many seniors in the school, all graduating many of them will be throwing parties. Since there are only a few possible weekends to hold a graduation party many seniors will be having parties on the same day. This is completely okay.

Since there will be several parties going on during the day you have yours you should expect people to arrive all throughout the day. Some seniors may only hang out for an hour, while others might stay all day. Your child’s best friend will likely stay all day while their acquaintances may only show up to make an appearance.

#3) Combine Parties

Since many seniors will all want to have a graduation party you can try combining parties with your senior’s best friend or best friends. This will allow you to save money by combining parties and splitting the cost of food with other parents. This decision should be left up to your senior. Some will be open to the idea while others may want the day to themselves. Their preference should be the deciding factor.

#4) Decorate With Pictures

A graduation party is more than just a party. It is a celebration of your senior’s life and accomplishments. Instead of decorating with traditional decorations, you should include a lot of pictures of your senior’s life. You can include pictures from birth to childhood to teenage years. This will help make the party more special for your senior and help them remember all of the important events from their life. Call a reputable party rental company like Amazing Jumps, Tents, & Events.

You should also decorate with some traditional decorations, however, you will not need a lot. You should plan to hang up balloons in the front yard or on the mailbox to show the location of the party. You may also want to use a sign to say “A Senior Lives Here” or “Congratulations ____”.

#5) Plan Ahead

The earlier you start planning the better. You should try to set a date as far in advance as possible to give your senior the day they want. You should also order food in advance if you plan on ordering it because some restaurants or catering companies may be busy this time of year. If you are planning to make food for the party you should start the night before so that you are not stressed out on the day of the party.

#6) Have A Good Cake

One of the best things about parties is the cake. Your cake should reflect your senior and should be decorated with the things they like. If you are not sure what to put on the cake you can always get one made with a picture of your senior. This is a great option that helps set the cake apart from all others. Try to avoid ice cream cakes because graduation parties are usually hosted close to summer when the weather is hot.

#7) Have Extra Chairs and Tables

You never know how many people will show up at one time since many people will be moving from one party to the next. You should rent or borrow extra chairs and tables from friends, family, and neighbors so that everyone has somewhere to sit when they get there. No one wants to eat food standing up so having these extra settings can help ensure that everyone is comfortable and relaxed during the party.